A Plea from Your Local Scout Group

Loose Swiss Scout Group provides Scouting activities to both boys and girls aged between 6 and 14.

The Group owns a large amount of land in the Loose valley from Atkins Hill to Salt Pond. This land is used primarily for Scouting activities, but is also used by a local fishing club and for grazing of sheep during various times of the year.

Over recent years a number of incidents of trespass, illegal fishing, vandalism and attacks on the sheep occurring have begun to increase.

However in recent weeks the number of these occurrences has jumped substantially resulting damage to property and a number of deaths and injuries to the farmers animals. The Local Police are aware and have also begun to involve the Rural Police Unit who we are planning to speak to soon.

I am asking for your assistance in ensuring that the open space remains an area for the Group to enjoy. With this in mind we are taking additional measures to secure site from trespass, as it is private land, and would ask residents who walk their dogs in the public footpaths in the area to keep their dogs on a lead at all times to ensure that they don’t stray onto the land and cause issues with the sheep.

I am planning to send out similar messages via the Parish Council, North Loose Residents Association, the local churches, the Primary School and Local Academies to get the message out as wide as possible, but would appreciate your assistance on passing the message on.
Many Thanks

Paul Worden

Group Scout Leader – Loose Swiss Scout Group