Brooks Field & Pond

For many years last century, the 3½ acres of Brooks Field was threatened with development.  It had been an orchard, then became a butterfly farm, and eventually a meadow for growing dried flowers.  In 2000, however the land and adjacent millpond was kindly sold to the Parish Council by its owner, a local farmer, who was persuaded that the field should be maintained as a public open space.

The Parish Council has decided to keep the area in its relatively natural state – managing things, but making few changes.  The hedges on either side of the field have been restored, old metal gates replaced with wooden ones, and wild flowers encouraged.  The pond is cleared annually of the vigorous growth of reeds and watercress by local volunteers.

A community wood has been planted in the top corner of the field, locally known as ‘Roys Wood’, and will be partly in memory of the late Councillor Roy Hood who served on the LPC for over 40 years, and will also be enjoyed by local schools and members of the public visiting the area.A Plaque and information boards are presently being designed to enable people visiting the area to gain knowledge about the trees and local wildlife.

At a Parish Council meeting held on the 18th May 2015 it was resolved that dogs are not allowed onto the field and neither will there be any designated ‘dog’ areas. The only exception will be to permit Greyhounds, if requested and agreed, during the ‘Duck Race ‘Event, it is expected that the organisers, Loose Amenities Association, will monitor this. Any other groups who may wish to bring their dogs onto the field will need to seek permission from the Loose PC.