Volunteering in Your Community is both

Rewarding and Fun.

There are so many ways that you can get involved with your local community. 

The parish council and various local groups run a number of different activities, where volunteers from the local community can help.

Whatever your interest, take a look below and get in touch with the relevant group(s)/organisation(s).

Loose Parish Council is setting up a Volunteers database for people to get involved with some of the community activities, organised by the parish council, such as the Community Coffee morning and the Loose Village Fete.

Amongst other community events,  an Annual Village Fete is held each year, organised with the assistance of members of the local community. 

As with many groups it can be difficult to find volunteers to help with both the organising of the event and helping out on the day.

In order to try and solve the situation we are creating a volunteers database to encourage people to offer help. if you would like to sign up to help with the fete, coffee morning or other potential areas, please contact the Clerk, through the joint office email.

The more people available to help out, puts less onus on the few who currently do all the work.  If you are able to offer a few hours here and there, and would like to get involved, please contact us.

If you are interested in helping to support your local community, why not think about joining the


No experience is necessary. The council comprises various individuals from within a three mile radius, who give their time freely to make a difference and help shape the area for the benefit of all those living and working in the parish.

2019 is an election year for both the parish council (made up of volunteers) and the Loose Ward, i.e. your local Maidstone Borough Council Ward representative. Elections are due to be held on the 2nd May 2019. If you would like to know more, please contact the Clerk to the Loose Parish Council, Kim Owen on 07855 000156, or via the joint staff email.

Members of the public are also welcome to attend any council or committee meeting, so why not come along and find out what we do?

This organisation now has 25 volunteers picking up litter around the parish on a regular basis. We are still hoping for more volunteers and if you would like to get involved to keep Loose litter free and beautiful, please contact the parish council at office@loose-pc.gov.uk

Volunteering in Kent organisations

Why not lend a hand at our COMMUNITY COFFEE MORNINGS?
The Community Coffee Mornings are held on the second Wednesday of each month from 9am-12noon in the Parish Pavilion, Walnut Tree Lane, Loose, ME15 9RG.

These are running from strength to strength with a core group of regular attendees popping in and out when they can and we average around 40+ people each session. Newcomers are always welcome and we are happy to meet you on site if you are concerned about coming along. The Community Warden and PCSO are on hand when they can be, so that you can talk about anything in the area that concerns you. 

We offer tea, coffee, squash and biscuits, cake and other goodies at various times too. We do not charge but ask for donations towards the refreshments, if you wish to make a contribution.

There is a mix of ages and toys/colouring are available for the younger children. Dogs are welcome too (biscuits and water provided!). We have a book and puzzle swap at 50p a time – take a jigsaw or book, pay 50p, bring it back the following month and do the same again!

Why not come along and bring a friend too!

Organisations, Charities and

Groups in the Loose area

Loose Amenities Association


Loose Neighbours


North Loose Residents’ Association


Valley Conservation Society


Concerned about the speed of traffic in and around Loose? Why not join SPEEDWATCH?

The Loose & South Maidstone Speedwatch group, funded by Kent County Council; Loose Parish Council; North Loose Residents’ Associaton; Loose Amenities Association and Loose Valley Conservation, operates in the North Loose and Loose Parish areas, at designated approved sites. These are mostly on the A229, although some side road sites have also been approved.

The objective of the Speedwatch initiative is to promote awareness and safety. Offending motorists observed during sessions are not fined or punished – they receive written Police advice, although repeat offenders may attract further action.
Potential volunteers can find further information at www.communityspeedwatch.org. The process does involve a series of online tests in order to qualify as a volunteer, and it also helps if you are good at recognising vehicle makes, models and badges !