Tree & Hedge Cutting

Problems have been identified by Kent Highways with regards to hedges/trees and vegetation that are growing on private land but which overhang onto the highways and public footpaths.Many members of the public feel that their boundary stops at their fenceline, but this is not always the case.

Trees/shrubs should be at least 17 feet 5.2M above from the edge of the highway, and hedges/vegetation should have an 8 foot 2.5m high clearence at back of footway.

Hedges/trees & vegetation should have a preferred safety clearence sideways of 0.45M 1’6″ from the edge of carriageway.

Any questions in relation to this can be referred to Kent Highways Services 0845 8247800.

How to report Highway matters/issues . These can be reported by you on www.kent.gov.uk/highwayfaults ;alternatively please contact the Deputy Clerk, Liz McLaren, (details on this website).Matters could refer to overgrown trees/vegetation;overflowing litter bins;hazards identified in roads and pathways etc.

SMART (South Maidstone Action for Roads and Transport) report.To see the latest copy please click HERE