LNPSG minutes 15 Jun 2016 – 13 Jan 2016

The Loose Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group is made up of both Parish Councillors and members of the local community. The group’s main aim is to produce a Neighbourhood Planning Document, which has been  accepted by the Maidstone Borough Council and also voted in by the local community, will form part of the Local Developmnet Plan for the Borough.

It is important at this stage to gain as much community support as possible, and if any member of the public would like to be involved, to let the Clerk know. Alternatively anyone from the Parish can attend any public meeting of the group.

All meetings are held in the public domain, unless it is for special reasons such as meeting with the Consultants ‘Feria Urbanism’, or for admin preparatory reasons (pre meeting).Any valuable input is gratefully received.

Minutes 15th June 2016

Minutes 10th May 2016- extrordinary meeting

Minutes 27th April 2016

Minutes 23rd March 2016

Minutes10th February 2016

Minutes 13th January 2016