Neighbourhood Plan Update – June 2019

Neighbourhood Plan Update – June 2019

After several years of public engagement and drafting by the Parish Council, the Loose Neighbourhood Plan is reaching its final stages. The Borough Council took it through its last stage for public comment at the end of last year. Given some amendments, it then proceeded for examination and report by an independent planning Examiner. The parish council felt it could go along with all his recommendations.

The plan in this final form has been subject of discussion with officers at the Borough Council and it is to proceed for consideration by MBC Councillors, at their Strategic Planning Meeting on 25 June. Given agreement at that meeting, the Borough Council will prepare a referendum for the residents of Loose Parish to vote “yes” or “no” for the plan to become a planning document for planning applications in Loose. It will stand alongside other Planning Authority documents.

The referendum is likely to take place in August. Loose residents should receive notification from the Borough about it. Loose Parish Council hope to see a good turnout and support for it.

Finally, it may be of interest to note one of the Examiner’s concluding comments;
“There is no doubt in my view that the Plan reflects the aspirations and objectives of the Loose Community for the future development of the community up to 2031.’’

The Parish Council thanks all those who have contributed to the plan, particularly Loose Amenities Association and County Councillors for their financial support. Other funding was received from Central Government (Locality). No Parish Council precept money was used.

The Plan is available for viewing on the Parish Council’s website. (Click here)

Jim Andrew. Chair – Loose Parish Council Neighbourhood
Plan Steering Group – June 2019