NHP December 2014 Update

Loose Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan – UPDATE,  December 2014.

Over the last 9 months the PC has made considerable progress towards its NP. It has engaged the services of Feria, a consultant experienced in the field of neighbourhood planning to undertake some of the public engagement work. This has included a “Visioning” night and a 3 day “Design Forum”.

The Visioning Night in September was very well attended, probably more came along than we could comfortably cope with. However, the result was a lot of data was gained from the residents about their aspirations for Loose. The turnout indicates to us that the people of Loose care about their parish.

The Design Forum was also well attended. It started with the presentation of 21 “position statements” from people and organisations in Loose putting forward views and ideas. In all 36 statements were received. Over the next 2/3 days Feria led groups who site visited areas of concern which were then discussed and worked on as desk top exercises back in the pavilion. In the evenings there was a “drop in” session where progress to date could be viewed. On the evening of the final day Richard Eastham from Feria made a final presentation on the issues raised, the work to do and some ideas for the basis of the NP.

Subsequently, we have received Feria’s reports on these events. They make interesting reading, visit www.feria-urbanism.eu (navigate – extras tab and Loose downloads).

Currently, the SG is planning the next phase which will be a draft NP and its 6 week public consultation to the parish. It is apparent that the SG does not have all the skills and resources to prepare this on its own so it is seeking further funding which will allow it to engage the services of a consultant experienced in this area of neighbourhood planning. At its last Finance Committee the LPC agreed to financially support this phase of the project as a back up to other anticipated funding.

Recently, the SG lost the services of its secretary, Hilary Hunt. Hilary has served on the group since its formation and done an enormous amount of work. We are greatly indebted to her. However, we welcome the arrival of Cllr Peter Rigby and Cllr Tony Oliver as SG members, and the Clerk and Responsible Officer to the LPC Jan Capon. The SG would still be pleased to see new people coming along either to sit on the SG or to be one of the “volunteer helpers” who have given sterling support in many ways. The SG is very thankful to them.

Please note the email for neighbourhood planning is now loosepc@btconnect.com