NHP Update – August 2015


The next important public engagement event towards the Neighbourhood Plan will be at the fete on the playing field on 5 September. The Parish Council will be setting up a NP “info point”. Please take some time out to visit it and tell us how you feel about planning and development for Loose over the next 15 years or so. It is important that we get your views. We will also be able to update you on where we are with the plan and what will be happening next. There will of course be several more forthcoming events where you will have similar opportunities to have an input.

You can find out more about the NP on the LPC website. The information which was on our consultants (Feria) site has now been transferred to the parish site while the consultant’s site will carry details of their next phase of work with us starting in September.

You may have seen the chairman (Jim Andrew) of the Steering Group out and about with a camera. He is preparing a street survey showing the style of development and housing stock we have in the parish. This is needed as part of the evidence base required to back up the NP.

You may also have noticed some traffic surveys going on. These are not, as such, part of the NP but are being done by the SMART group. Of course the findings, which will indicate traffic movements eg “rat running”, will be of value for the NP.

If you want to help with the NP process or need to talk to someone about it please contact Jan Capon at loosepc@btconnect.com (01622 692712)

Jim Andrew, Loose Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.