What is the Loose Parish Council?

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A common public misconception is that a Parish Council is affiliated to the Church. Historically, this may have been true, but the Loose Parish Council (or LPC) in its present form, was ‘founded’ by the Local Government Act of 1894.

The Parish Council is the ‘grass roots’ level of local government, and as such, plays a vital role in acting as a connection between the local community and the principle government authorities. It is non-political and non-sectarian.
The Councillors, themselves, are a team of individual volunteers who live and/or work, in and around the Loose area. They give their time freely to maintain and improve the environment, services and facilities for the residents of the local community.
The Loose Parish Council usually holds its monthly meetings on the third Monday of each month (except August (no meeting) & December (sometimes second Monday)), at the Loose Parish Pavilion, King George V Playing Field, Walnut Tree Lane, ME15 9RG.
Aside from the main meeting, there are various committees, which perform specific functions throughout the Parish and these meet usually every few months (except the Planning Committee, which can sometimes meet every fortnight, depending upon applications). These meetings are generally all open to the Public.

The current committees of the Loose Parish Council are:-

  • Community Hub (Comm Hub)
  • Environment (Env)
  • Finance & Administration (F&A)
  • Human Resources Board- Only meeting held in private, because of the confidential nature of the items under discussion (HR)
  • Loose Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (LNPSG)
  • Pavilion & Playing Field (PPF)
  • Planning (PLAN)

The Loose Parish Council should have a total of 13 councillors, but is currently five members short.  The council comprises volunteers from the local community, no experience is necessary, just a willinglessness to get involved. If you are interested in becoming a councillor, please contact the Clerk, Kim Owen on 07855 000156.