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The name Loose (pronounced Looz) comes from the old English language and means ‘pig-pen’ or ‘place of pigs’, depending upon who you listen to.
The Loose Valley first became a Conservation area in 1970. The stream which runs through the valley, rises in Langley with its path meandering through to Tovil.
The spire of All Saints’ Church can be seen rising above the valley. This church dates back to Medieval times and nowadays aside from the regular church services, it is also home to various community groups in the Loose area.
Situated alongside the stream and just around the corner from All Saints’ church, is the Chequers public house and restaurant, which dates back to the sixteenth century, when it was a coaching inn. On the other side of the Loose stream, is Brooks Field. This is a public amenity space which is owned and maintained by the parish council.
Coming up from the valley the steep incline of Old Loose Hill represents a challenge. If heading towards Maidstone at its peak is the Loose Post Office, which aside from the Shell garage at the Linton Crossroads, is the only other place in the parish where newspapers, produce and essential goods can be purchased.
Also owned by the parish council is the Loose Green situated opposite the post office and estate agent. On this, stands an oak tree which was planted in 1897, in honour of Queen Victoria’s Diamond jubilee.
On the opposite side of Old Loose Hill are the McAlpine Trust allotments. The allotments are owned by a charity trust, and the day to day running of these are the responsibility of the Loose Gardeners’ Society.
The main A229 Loose/Linton road runs through the parish and bypasses the Valley over the viaduct. This historic structure was built in 1830 and is a fine example of Thomas Telford’s engineering work, with 50 foot spans between tall piers.





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