Reporting Issues

Do you know what to do if…….?

The Clerks’ office at Loose Parish Council receives many varied questions and we will always respond and help you wherever we can. However some of these may be issues that you can report directly to the authorities yourself rather than using the Parish Council as a third party. We are always happy to help you, but reporting issues directly, will save you time in the long run.

  • You witness a crime or incident

N.B. If a crime or incident is in progress, please dial 999.

The public can now report crimes and incidents as well as non-injury road traffic collisions ONLINE directly to the police through their website ( Once a report is made online, the user will receive a unique reference number and a return email confirming receipt.

At this stage it is being promoted as a test/pilot system. At the end of each form is the opportunity for the public making a report to give feedback on using the forms.

The overall aim is to provide another choice for how the public can report crime or incidents, as well as trying to reduce the number of people calling 101 on non-urgent issues that could easily be dealt with through digital contact (which increasingly a lot of people prefer and have asked the police to provide).

  • You see a car parked illegally, eg blocking a driveway, parked on a pavement, abandoned

In the majority of cases this should be reported to the Police on 101 or via the police website

Nuisance parking, such as parking on the pavement or verge where there are no existing yellow line restrictions or causing an obstruction or blocking access from a driveway, can be dealt with by the police. They are able to issue a fixed penalty fine or, where they consider it necessary, may even move the vehicle.  

If there is a parked vehicle not allowing an owner to access their driveway, this is a neighbourly dispute and there will be no involvement from the district councils or the police.

Abandoned vehicles in this area should be reported to Maidstone Borough Council.

  • You have concerns with KCC soft landscape maintenance such as overgrown paths, weeds on the roadside, overhanging vegetation from Kent Highways land

Please contact Kent Highways on 03000 41 81 81 or report via the portal  to

Details of their maintenance schedules can be found via the following link:

  • You encounter potholes/faulty streetlights/faulty traffic lights/street drainage problems – for example blocked drains…

Please contact Kent Highways using either or by phoning them on 03000 41 81 81

  • You see damage to the ground along a footpath

Problems with Public Rights of Way (ground area or blockages only) are dealt with by the Public Rights of Way officer. To report issues, please contact them on 03000 41 71 71

  • You are experiencing consistent noise issues/ see damage to bus shelters/ see excessive litter and fly tipping/have problems with bin emptying/have issues with dog mess/ experience anti-social behaviour

These are all dealt with by Maidstone Borough Council and can be reported directly to them on their portal: or by phoning the general direct line on 01622 602750. Please note:- When it comes to noise issues, it is extremely important to continue to report all instances, as the borough council is unlikely to do anything about it, unless they have the evidence to back it up.